About us

Driven by a desire to make a positive difference to the world, BornIdeas (Pty) Ltd leverages the power of software to develop technologies that benefit humanity.

To innovate

First and foremost, our intention is to dedicate our time and effort to new ideas.

We do not aim to do things in the same vein as they have already be done. Rather, we solve the problems that confront us by thinking about them, not in the world we live in now but, in the world we will live in tomorrow.

Our perspective is unique in that we are not driven purely by money. What motivates us is creating a better tomorrow. So, innovation is never something we will compromise on.

To create

Ideas mean nothing without the people who are willing to work towards turning them into something real.

Fundamentally, we refuse to compromise on how solutions have been conceptualized. Where most will yield to limitations, we go further to ensure that the final solution depicts an idea exactly as it was envisioned.

This entails tried and tested people, processes and tools working in unison to deliver state of the art technology that goes beyond any and all expectations.

to inspire

By breaking through technological constraints and preconceptions, our goal is to inspire others to do the same.

Our motives go further than commercial gains. We want to contribute to the advancement of people by enabling others to build on top of the lessons we've learned and problems we've solved, raising the bar for what people think technology can do.

As such, we put time and effort into building free and open source software which can be used as building blocks for others to pursue their own ambitions.