Here you'll find all the projects that we've developed or been involved with - these include our own solutions, commercial applications and contributions to the open source community.

Invite only

Invite Only is a mobile app that makes access-control easy and accessible to everyone.

Access control systems are synonymous with expensive equipment and hefty installation fees. Invite Only aims to change this by giving everyone the ability to control and monitor the spaces that they want to restrict access to.

Access-control doesn't have to be complicated and it doesn't have to be expensive. Invite Only provides an alternative for those looking for an effective, simple and free solution!

RSA scan

The rsa_scan package is an open source flutter package for scanning identity documents such as South African ID Cards, ID Books and Driver's Licenses.

Identification is a wide-ranging problem for which solutions have vast application use-cases. Scanning identification documents is specifically useful in this regard.

This package enables any Flutter application to retrieve identification information from the South African identity documents - allowing developers to easily use the package in their own applications.

RSA identification

Much like the rsa_scan package, the rsa_identification package aims to solve the problem of identification. However, it differs in that it is a dart package for decoding barcode data of identification documents.

This means that it works independently of any scanning functionality - merely decoding data and providing the necessary information from that data.

This is especially useful for server-side applications which will receive barcode data and need to decode it.