To guide the way in which we embark on any and all ventures we have developed a framework which outlines the steps we follow in starting new projects; bringing them to life; and, growing them in the long term.

step 1: let's talk

We want to help you bring your dream to life; but first, we need to know what your dream is. Also, we want you to be entirely familiar with how we work before partnering with us.

So, if you're interested in working with us, send an email to and we will schedule an initial meeting with you. We will use this meeting to understand your ideas and answer all of your questions.

Of course, we will be happy to sign any non-disclosure agreements related to the ideas that you have in mind.

step 2: the agreement

If all parties are satisfied, we will enter into a joint venture agreement with you - download an example.

The agreement specifies that we will fulfill all technological requirements for the project and, in turn, you will make an affordable monthly contribution until the project is profitable.

We make no profit from your contributions; rather, they ensure your commitment to the project and decrease the likelihood of wasted effort should you withdraw. When the project becomes profitable, you will receive a majority share of the profits.

step 3: build the dream

After all parties have signed the joint venture agreement, work on the project can begin.

We will create the designs, write the code and publish the software for all aspects of the project - whether that entail web, desktop or mobile applications; or, any other software.

We will continuously liaise with you to make decisions and share progress. Should you ever feel we are underperforming, you may withdraw from the partnership with us and we may not pursue your idea without your partnership.

step 4: dream bigger

We are not satisfied by just achieving profitability - we want to keep working with you to grow your ideas beyond what you had originally envisioned.

After the project becomes profitable we will continuously maintain all technology to ensure it remains fully-functional and in line with the latest state-of-the-art innovations.

We will also continue partnering with you to innovate and improve upon the project - we do not see limits to the potential of new technology, we only see new possibilities.